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Consignment Contract


Consigner #______

The Market Place on Locust                                                                                       (828)697-8900

822 Locust St., Suite 200                                                                       

Hendersonville, NC 28792                                                   


Consigner Name: ________________________   Date Started: _____________

Street Address: _________________________    Date Ended: ______________

Cell Phone Number: _____________________



General Terms:

Under the terms of this Consignment Contract, the consignor agrees to deliver the agreed-upon items (clean and in good condition) to be sold by The Market Place on Locust. Once the agreement has been made The Market Place will either put it straight into the store or the items will be put in the warehouse for holding until a spot has opened. The merchandise will be allowed to stay in the store until we feel that it has been here for too long. We will contact you to either lower the price or pick up the item(s). The contract will remain active until there are no more items in the store. We will try our best to sell your items but also know that there is no guarantee that a sale will be made.

Reminder: After this agreement is made you will still need to show us pictures (whether you show us at the store or email us) to get our approval. Just because we let one item into the store does not mean we will accept everything. We are very particular in what we take because we have a limited amount of space.



   Consignor                                      Consignee




The Market Place on Locust reserves the right to determine the actual selling price of the item or items the consignor brings in. We will discuss with you the price you will want for the item and we will work it out from there. Remember the price will vary on the item's age, brand, and condition. If a price reduction needs to happen or one makes an offer for an item we will notify you and ask your opinion on the request. 

Reminder: All items must arrive at The Market Place in a clean and good condition.

Consignment Terms:

We will determine where the item goes and when it comes into the store or needs to go into storage. If a price reduction needs to be made we will notify you. When the item has been here for some time and the price cannot go any lower we will ask for you to pick up the item.


The Market Place on Locust will remit 50% to the consignor minus a 3% credit card fee if one is used to purchase your item. (No 3% is charged for cash) Checks will be ready by the 5th of the month. If we have to mail you your check it can take up to 5-10 days usually by the 15th you should receive it. 


We will take very good care of your items but we only have insurance coverage on the building. The merchandise is yours until it is sold. You may want to have insurance on very valuable items. The Market Place is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. 



   Consignor                             Consignee





I have read and understand the terms of the consignment contract and agree to accept the conditions the terms and will follow the guidelines stated in the above information. I agree to consign with The Market Place on Locust.




Consignor Print Name: ______________________________________

                                                                             Date: _________________

Consignor Signature: ________________________________________





Consignee Signature:      Ilse P. Tolles

                                                                             Date: _________________

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