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TCC has been here since the very beginning! She is located in the middle room in the back. She is here during all open houses! Renee McCurry is an interior designer from Charlotte!


MM has been here since the very beginning! She is located up the right side in the main room. She is here during all open houses!


MT has been here since the very beginning. She sells scarfs, jewelry, handbags and funny signs. She is here every open house.


The Barn Owl is a unique piece hunter that has 2 booths! She has an eye for vintage and antique pieces and loves her spaces!


Need some wooden tables? S & M has you covered! They're a vendor that also does special orders and their cards are located in our store and we also have some pieces to show off for them!


Not only has Michelle worked here since the get go she loves her booth. Her booth is located in the little nook. She is here every open house and we love having her here!


Stephanie Schuster is our English gal. She brings us southern charm and a bright style! She is in love with painting furniture and you can always find something in here booth.


Name anything and she has it somewhere in this store. She knows the store inside and out! She is located in most places. Just have to look!


Not only does Ms. Sherri Own a store Downtown, she also manages this booth with us! She is the most outgoing person we have ever meet. All of her items are brand new!


Connie Caldwell is one of a kind. Not only is she in here twice a week to fix her booth, she is one of our most loved vendors by our customers. She is the most energetic person you will ever meet and her eye for decorating is amazing.


Barbara is a one of a kind person. Not only does she have a booth but she also has a full time job and a daughter. Her booth always looks amazing and we can't wait too see what else she brings!


Welcome to our newest vendor but long time friend. We love our Kelly's Loving heart and passion to help our customers. She is a smart, kind and outgoing individual and we can not wait to see what she accomplishes. 

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